Simply Frida: 7th Anniversary Show at Wonderland SF
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Simply Frida: 7th Anniversary Show at Wonderland SF

  • Wonderland SF

Come celebrate Wonderland SF's 7th anniversary show! TONS of Bay Area artists with their own Frida Kahlo inspired work! Very excited to be a part of this amazing community! This will also be on my birthday weekend!!! Check out what I've been working on!

Jun 11


I'll have a vendor booth with originals and prints for sale! Come see me at The Midway for this awesome event! Buy tickets here--

Event Invite:

THIS IS ODDTROPOLIS!!! A Festival of the Awesomely Strange! We are seeking art of the bizarre, the strange, the beauty of madness! Paintings, Photography, strange things in jars, and more! How weird can it get? Let's find out! Let your mind explode with the cacophony of creation! We want BIG BOLD BIZARRE ORIGINAL art that stuns and inspires! People need art in thier lives, and this is the chance to get freaky as hell in San Francisco! We are also looking for music, burlesque, performance and whatever else you think you want to freak the general public out with! The show will be on JUNE 10th, 2017 at the Midway SF.
You can be in this show! Send your submissions and ideas to

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This is ODDTROPOLIS. You are it's citizens. It is your duty to make this odd town revel in mad beauty.

Please invite your facebook friends and help us spread the word about this show!!