Walker Stalker Convention!

What can I say about Walker Stalker?


After months of preparation, countless friends helping, and of course, the unconditional support from my best friend and partner Sonia, I pulled off a great event! Here's how it all worked out:

When I found out that the international convention for my favorite zombie drama was coming to San Francisco, my initial thought was that I obviously couldn't turn it down! Zombies, art, celebs and me. Perfect recipe for an insane exhibit! Only problem was--- The vendor spots were sold out! I patiently waited and got put on the waiting list. A few weeks later, I got an email that said a vendor slot had opened, but I had to grab it quick! Unfortunately, the vendor spots were pretty pricey, so I'd have to wait. Explaining my predicament to a friend over a few drinks, she offered to front the cash so I could jump on the booth! I've learned a lot in my life, and one of those things is that nothing is achievable by yourself. I accepted her loan, and I am eternally grateful! Walker Stalker, here I come! Now, how should I display my work? I guess I could borrow some panels or something.... or......maybe I could concoct a ridiculous idea and make for an immersive experience for my audience? Yes... always the hard road with me.

So, I decided I wanted to display my work in more of a "haunted house" setting. I sketched out the idea and knew that I needed one more thing to display besides my horror photos and paintings. I've been costuming most of my life, and zombifying clothing has become second nature! So, I began to devise a new line of costumes that eventually became FORMAL SCAREWEAR by Shane!

The last horror photos or, Phantasmatography (as I call it) that I exhibited were in Pennsylvania, so this would be the first time I would show my horror photos on the west coast! So, I had to create some inventory and also figure out how to display the pieces. I eventually utilized my connections from the professional photography world and created 12" x 18" and 16" x 24" wall displays. While I was ordering enlargements for my horror photos, simultaneously I continued painting. I finished three large oil paintings of friends of mine as zombies. Those pieces had to be photographed, printed and framed.

After I worked all those out, I sourced women's dresses and men's suits and created my Formal Scarewear! These one-of-a-kind hand-embellished costumes came equipped with extra Spanish Moss and a garment bag. These will be available through my shop closer to Halloween. I am also offering your clothing to be zombified by me! Send it to me, I zombify it, and send it back! Email me for info!

I decided to wallpaper all the walls, and add moulding and paneling for the bottom. I painted everything to match and made all the pieces fit. It was a lot of work, but well worth it. So, for set up of the booth, I realized I needed more man-power. A friend of mine, Tareq, who was hanging with us during Mission Arts United Open Studios, volunteered his time (Thanks Tareq!). Our studio mate Kristine had a truck, and between the four of us, we could handle anything! Onward to the show!

Setting it up went well, but of course was a lot of work! As you can see from the photos, though, everything came to fruition!

My thoughts on Walker Stalker and my work there- I feel like the audience that comes to WS is looking more for Walking Dead themed work. They've fallen in love with these characters and for good reason. I, unfortunately, don't do fan art (usually). I am open to it for the future, though! Regardless, the people who were engaged with my work were really engaged! I love to hear people's take on my pieces and it seemed like everyone liked something different! There is nothing better than receiving validation that I am on the right track! It was great to meet people who really connected with the work and left with a print or an original! All in all, an incredible weekend!