The Murray Invitational- Live Painting Event!

I had the distinct pleasure of live painting two new pieces this past weekend at The Murray Invitational (A Bill Murray art show!) at an awesome venue very close by to our studio. The venue was called the Public Works, and it was my first time there! This was the second event I live painted at for Ezra Croft and Julia Croft, two amazing event coordinators and all around cool people (First time was at Oddville in 2015!)! I even got a brief mention on The San Francisco Chronicle about my live painting setup. The two pieces came about because I was chatting with Ezra, and mentioning how I really thought every iconic Murray scene would be taken, and he said he thought I should do a mashup! What a great idea! I was talking to Sonia about that, and she came up with the name "Bill Purray!" YES. So, Bill Purray and Bill Furray came to be! I also had an idea to make a third- "Bill Curray," and put him in a Golden State Warriors uniform. Ran out of time for that, though!

Had a great time! Met some cool people and saw some cool art! Check it out! All of the other art pictured here are other submissions from the show, and I didn't get everyone's name, but all credit for all other pieces belong solely to the artists! Nice job, artists!