Oh, look! Another blog! Why would you want to take the time to read this blog over (or, in addition to) others? What I'll be blogging about will hopefully inspire you (and myself) to be a better person, to view art from a different perspective, see the world in another light, and find the beauty in this incredible thing we call life. This will include my weekly and weekend adventures as an artist in San Francisco, with my loving and supportive (did I mention hardworking and brilliant...oh, gorgeous, too!) girlfriend, Sonia. I'll be including my highs and my lows, my art openings, my current work and my journey as the Lead Studios Artist at Madame Tussauds, SF. This will serve as an introspective account of the life of a contemporary artist in one of the most monetarily-challenging cities in the country.

If we can't live an interesting and colorful life, what's the point of living? If we can't drive ourselves to be better, what's the point of trying? The point is, we need to always be doing something that propels us into the person we're meant to become. I want to take you on my personal (and sometimes quite public) journey.