It's ok to not feel connected

The popular things. What's trending. That obscure film that only a handful of people saw, but so did this very intriguing person you just met. You neglected to watch it because you were doing other things. That one band, you know... That band that everyone loves. They're local, but they're going places. How have you not heard of them? Oh, and that visual artist... The technique, the style, the execution that artist has graced us with. That one artist that everyone knows their name. He does all those..... ya know..... designs. Duh. Oh, that art. Of course I know that art. That name though. I didn't know THAT name belonged to THAT art. I never learned the name because I was too busy looking at their art. 


I know you've met those people. The ones that want to "wow" you with their incredible photographic memory of that very specific artist or moment or film or album that you should [obviously] know. And then, when there's hesitation in your voice of knowing exactly who they're speaking of, they say, "tell me you know______'s work! How can you not know?!?" In that condescending, "I'm obviously more cultured than you" way that some people undoubtedly have rehearsed in front of a mirror to make sure they can squeeze the most embarrassment out of you when delivering it. 

Let me be frank here in saying that, it is OK to not know EVERYTHING that EVERYONE  in the world knows. Maybe you grew up in a home without a television (count your blessings). Maybe you had a difficult childhood and weren't allowed to buy those albums or watch those movies. Maybe your family was poor and you grew up moving from house to house and couldn't even make friends, let alone pay attention to pop culture and trends. Maybe Pop Culture and trends is not important to you. I'm just going to put this out there and say--

Don't let those people talk down to you. Don't let those people make you feel like you missed out on such an important cultural phenomenon that you surely can't even be from this generation. You have your interests, and your interests are amazing. To you. And maybe, just maybe- to no one else. And that is perfectly fine.